Why choose us?

itelvoiz is a brand name of Itel-voiZ Trading INC, having retail and wholesale VoIP service provider with global presence. Headquartered is in 3000,DANFORTH AVE UNIT#1 TORONTO ONTARO CANADA, FAX: +14162816402 , itelvoiz reaches customers living in different parts of the world.

The company offers quality VoIP termination services at amazing prices which helps customers around the world make cheaper long distance phone calls using internet as the medium. Being a VoIP termination provider, itelvoiz promises best network quality as it has collaborated with renowned carriers like TATA ,Bharti in India, SingTel in Singapore and many other reputed international carriers. Backed by the team of hard working R&D professionals, itelvoiz has emerged ahead of other service providers present in the VoIP industry. Following are the four strong pillars of itelvoiz:

Quality – itelvoiz is quality conscious organization and it stands ahead in the list of quality service providers. The company strives hard to provide satisfactory wholesale VoIP termination services to its customers. Starting from the unmatched VoIP quality to worthy reseller tools, itelvoiz has every attribute to offer the best to its customers.

Network Quality itelvoiz network gets easily compatible with varied protocols such as H323 and SIP that facilitate uninterrupted calling experience, no matter which protocol the user is following. Moreover, the network is kept under constant vigilance in order to keep the quality of services high for the esteemed customers.

Compatibility – The versatile structure of itelvoiz is known for supporting a wide range of mobile handsets and call origination devices like IP Phones and PC’s for cheap Voip termination.

Impeccable After Sales Support – Our professionals are always available to provide customers with 24X7 support in the form of online troubleshooting, through a phone call. Hence, depending on these well managed after sales services, itelvoiz offers high quality cost effective VoIP termination service to its customers.

Our team

Shah Jamal


Ritu Sean

Marketing Manager.. ItelVoiz.

Kamrul Hasan

Manager Account.. ItelVoiz.

Susmita Paul

Manager carrier relation.. ItelVoiz.

Secure and personalised portal

ItelVoiz is our personalised and secured web portal. It gives an instant access to powerful online tools and valuable information to reach your business goals. Also, it allows you to manage user management, define user access and rights..

Real-time balance management

With one click you can easily manage your balance: previous months, current months and today's consumption, remaining balance and summary of all payments. It also estimates the expiration date of your balance based on your daily average consumption..

Latest A-Z routes pricing

ItelVoiz gives you instant access to the latest price lists, both for First Class VoIP and Business Class VoIP. It also archives previous price lists, allowing to permanently monitor cost evolutions..

Online Reporting

ItelVoiz helps you to generate reports through a user-friendly interface: traffic statistics, CDR download, CLI delivery, daily consumption details, Quality of Service, e-invoicing and more!.

VoIP is Cost Effective

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