Download Related FAQs

Q: How do I download the itelvoiz Mobile dialer

A: You can download the itelvoiz Mobile dialer from http://md.itelvoiz.com

Q: How can I check my handset is compatibility with itelvoiz Mobile Dialer

A: Itelvoiz Mobile Dialer is compatible with the majority of mobile platforms like- Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc. To check your handset’s compatibility with the dialer, please go through this link-http://md.itelvoiz.com/choosebrand.html

Account Related FAQs

Q: What is the pin and password I received in my mailbox? Where can I use it?

A: Your pin and password are your details for making calls. However, it is different from your account ID and password (which are your login details).

Q: Do I need to buy separate accounts to make calls from Mobile/ PC or devices?

A: No, once you have registered with us and bought an account, you can use the same account for calling through Mobile/ PC or devices. However, when your account balance is low, you need to recharge it by log-in into ‘my account’ section with your ID and password.

Payment Related FAQs

Q: What are the payment options available to buy the itelvoiz calling account?

A: Presently, you can choose from Internet banking or Western Union money transfer. In due course of time, we’ll implement credit card payment option as well.

Technical FAQs

Q: I have downloaded the itelvoiz Mobile Dialer, but it is not opening/ registering.

A: Please check that your mobile is connected to internet through Wi-Fi/GPRS/ EDGE etc. You can try deleting the existing the existing dialer and re-install.

Q:  I have a compatible handset with a low memory limit. Will the dialer work on my handset?

A:  itelvoiz  Mobile Dialer is lightest mobile dialer in the industry. It consumes less than 200kb space on mobile handset.

Q: Do I need to put country code for local calling also?

A: Yes. The call is routed through IP so you need to put country code for local calling also.

Q: Do I need to install any software on my mobile phone in order to use itelvoiz Mobile Dialer?

A: To use itelvoiz Mobile Dialer, you need to download and install the dialer on your mobile phone. You can download the dialer from http://md.itelvoiz.com. Before downloading the dialer, please check your mobile phone’s compatibilitywith the dialer.