International Calls

International Calls service of itelvoiz helps end-users make cheap VoIP calls to any country. You can get the cheap international calling privilege very easily from itelvoiz. Available in varied denominations, the international calling service is offered to suit every need. Apart from offering cheap VoIP calls, this account saves a lot on international roaming and assures best network quality.

itelvoiz offers you international calls service, which allows users to make long distance cheap VoIP calls using mobile phones, PC or IP devices. The calling account comes in different packages, which provide convenience to the customers. Presently, itelvoiz offers calling account to make cheap international calls through the following applications and devices.

 Mobile Dialer


itelvoiz Mobile Dialer is a mobile client used to make cheap international calls from mobile phone. With itelvoiz Mobile Dialer, now you can be assured of that you make more cheap international calls .

Save up to 90% on International calling bill

 PC Dialer


itelvoiz PC Dialer is a softphone dialer that allows users to make cheap international calling from PC. Available in multiple colors and skins, this is the best desktop client to make long distance calls.

Crystal Clear Voice at Amazing call rates

IP Devices


With Itelvoiz’s calling account, you can make low cost international and through IP devices like ATA, IP phone or any standard SIP device such as Grandstream and Linksys.

One calling account for all devices