Value Added Services

astrology‘Astrology Live’
Get live and accurate predictions and answers to all your queries on important life aspects in a simple and interesting fashion. Ask on any issue ranging from marriage, relationship, children, etc. to business, health, career and everything else from experienced astrologers.

Reach our experts by dialing the short codeĀ 8080 and simply follow the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). For ease of use choose between English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bangla and Tamil.

talk_friend‘Friend Chat’
Are you feeling lonely and searching for someone you can really talk to? If yes, your search stops right here! Talk to interesting people by simply using Inaani’s Friend Chat and find amazing friends. Share all your day-to-day experiences, jokes and much more with someone who has time for you.

Simply dial 8080 and then follow the IVR. Choose between English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bangla and Tamil. Connect now and reach an exciting world.